Laser Mechanisms’ AccuShaper™ Trepanning Head delivers fully programmable X-Y-Z motion control for laser cutting/welding applications. With a working envelope of 50 mm in X-Y-Z (expandable), AccuShaper easily adapts to the contours of your process.
The AccuShaper Trepanning Head delivers optimal performance when configured as a fixed, stand-alone unit with a moving part. With interchangeable motors and ball screws, AccuShaper’s operation can be custom engineered to your laser application.

  • Easily adapts to either CO2, YAG or Fiber Lasers
  • High-speed z-axis delivers fast, consistent performance and reduced cycle times
  • Sealed beam path keeps optics debris free
  • Mates to a variety of processing heads
  • Engineered for the harsh factory floor environment

Clear Aperture: 48 mm
Travel (X-Y-Z axes): 50 mm
Speed: 75 mm/sec X-axis, 75 mm/sec Y-axis, 400 mm/sec Z-axis
Positional Accuracy: ± .025 mm
Repeatability: ± .01 mm
Weight: 25 kg

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