FiberCUT® Now Offers Slug Detection

Laser Mechanisms’ popular line of FiberCUT® robotic cutting heads are now available with integrated slug detection.

A “slug” is the material inside a cut feature that normally drops away during the process. The issue is that retained slugs can cause problems down the production line in quality control, manufacturing, or even life of the component or end product. While all slug detection systems can extend the total cycle time, Laser Mechanisms’ solution to this issue uses the head itself to test for slug retention and, if found, can immediately re-cut the feature while still fixtured in the robotic cutting cell. No added cost and complexity for another sensing station is required. Available as an optional feature on FiberCUT® heads, slug detection can monitor system performance and part quality, and potentially eliminate the need for post-cutting detection equipment.

A complete discussion on robotic cutting heads with integrated slug detection will appear in an upcoming article in the September/October 2016 issue of Industrial Laser Solutions magazine written by Laser Mechanisms’ Fiber Systems Manager, Tom Kugler.