Laser beam sources are sometimes operated under full load (servicing, special operating modes), without the emitted laser radiation being utilized immediately for a processing task. In these cases > 99% of the radiation must be absorbed. Many beam sources therefore contain a PRIMES absorber.

Laser material processing systems in which the machining process does not completely absorb the laser radiation or the radiation must be “captured” (for example during a workpiece changeover) pose a similar challenge.

PRIMES absorbers are used in these instances as beam dumps. Since laser radiation is mostly not fully absorbed within laser beam diagnostics either (exception: measurement of laser beam power) various special solutions are used, which are either integrated into the diagnostics system or are needed in addition in order to guarantee the safety of people and machinery.

  • Imax: 6 kW/cm²
  • Pmax: 8 kW
  • Aperture: 40 mm
  • Reflection: < 1%
  • Speciality: For CO2 or NIR