AccuFiber™ Series

AccuFiber™ Laser Processing heads are a flexible, modular design that deliver accurate focusing with unlimited configuration possibilities. The modular aspect of the AccuFiber™ Series supports a variety of setup and process options. Offered par-focal versions can accommodate multiple focal lengths without changing the overall length of the head. In most configurations, a second lens drawer is included for the cover glass allowing ease of access. AccuFiber™ heads can be configured for cutting or welding with a wide range of collimator choices and focusing lengths. AccuFiber™ heads provide simple and intuitive adjustments for collimation, beam centering, viewing and focus setups.

  • Straight or right angle fiber input
  • Quick and easy access to optics
  • Capacitive height sensing (cutting)
  • Cross Jet or Coaxial nozzle (welding)
  • Deionized water compatible (stainless steel circuit)
  • Optional crash protection
  • Optional direct-cooled optics
  • Camera viewing option