Laser Mechanisms’ AccuShaper® Trepanning Head delivers fully programmable X-Y-Z motion control for laser cutting/welding applications. With a working envelope of 50 mm in X-Y-Z (expandable), AccuShaper® easily adapts to the contours of your process.
The AccuShaper® Trepanning Head delivers optimal performance when configured as a fixed, stand-alone unit with a stationary or moving part. The Z-axis of the AccuShaper® can also be servo controlled by the system’s capacitive height sensing gas jet tip for high quality cutting and drilling. With interchangeable motors and ball screws, AccuShaper’s operation can be custom engineered to your laser application.

  • Easily adapts to either CO2, YAG, Disk, Direct Diode or Fiber Lasers of any wavelength
  • High-speed z-axis delivers fast, consistent performance and reduced cycle times
  • Sealed beam path keeps optics debris free
  • Mates to a variety of processing heads
  • Engineered for the harsh factory floor environment
  • Easily programmed and interfaced for multiple shapes