Affordable 5-Axis Machine Alternative

Laser Mechanisms’ AccuShaper® 2.0 is a robot end effector that trepans shaped holes of any form at up to four times the speed and twice the accuracy of conventional robot/head combinations – greatly reducing the cycle time of laser hole cutting and trimming operations. The affordable AccuShaper® 2.0 provides a cutting solution similar to five axis machines at a fraction of the cost.

AccuShaper® 2.0 differs from conventional robot/head combinations in its ability to trepan while imparting minimal reactive forces to the robot producing higher accuracy features. Its patented Inertia-Cancelling motion system creates cut features up to 30 mm x 30 mm. Larger features and trim cuts can be trepanned using robot motion throughout its full envelope. The entire package weighs less than 17 kg allowing the use of lower payload, less expensive robots.