Articulated Arms

Laser Mechanisms’ articulated arms are a flexible optomechanical solution for connecting laser sources to the process whether for industrial, medical or military applications. The arm provides an enclosed beam path with a controllable atmosphere for safety and cleanliness. The constant beam path distance provides a fixed beam size at the output. The arm can be configured into many configurations of length, joints and aperture to fit most applications.

The unique ability of the arm to form a flexible link allows for any mechanical variations between the laser and coupled device. The arm can minimize the machine foundation requirements and structural rigidity of the motion system while providing freedom of motion to the process for complex and hard to reach areas.

Power Rating: up to 8 kW*
Clear Apertures: 15, 19, 35 and 50 mm
Wavelengths: All
Water Cooling: Optional*
Maximum Tube Length: 2.5 M*
Angular Bias (Static Alignment): <0.7 mrad*
Beam Center Deviation (Static Alignment): <0.5 mm*
Operating Temperature: -50° C – +55° C

*Specifications dependent on model chosen and does not apply to all arms.