BeamMonitor BM+

The PRIMES BeamMonitor BM+ is a measuring device for performing beam diagnostics on unfocused, continuous irradiation of CO2 and solid-state lasers with higher outputs.

With the BeamMonitor BM+, the user can quickly and reliably measure the beam parameters, such as the spacial power density distribution. Analyzing and documenting the laser parameters makes it possible to optimize the processing procedure or identify an incorrect beam position or incorrect lens alignment.

In practice, laser beams are “customized” for specific areas of application using telescopes and adaptive lenses. When this happens, the beam diameter as well as the divergence are changed dynamically. This makes it possible to change the focus dimensions or shift the focus position toward the laser beam axis in systems for laser cutting or laser welding. Here the focus is on “penetration” through the material surface and it is “pushed into” the material for the actual cutting process.

During laser welding, dynamic adjustments of the laser beam make it possible to cut with one setting and weld with another.

The BM+ is also suitable for use in the field of quality assurance or laser approval: Deterioration on laser lenses is one of the main causes of problems in laser material processing that can reduce the quality of the processing results considerably.

Diodes and other solid-state lasers are checked in the collimated range and can, for example, be assessed with relatively little effort.