ADDere Selects FiberSCAN™ HR

When it came time to choose a processing head for their 3D additive manufacturing system utilizing layered
metal deposition, ADDere, a division of Midwest Engineered Systems (MWES), selected Laser Mechanisms’ FiberSCAN™ HR.

The ADDere system employs a 3D laser-wire additive manufacturing process where high-deposition rates for large parts are essential. For this demanding application, FiberSCAN™ HR was the perfect choice due to its ability to handle high-power laser sources up to 30 kW and its rugged design optimized for 100% duty cycle process times.

“Historically, if you asked people what does Laser Mech® manufacture they would immediately say cutting and welding heads, but that perception is quickly changing,” said Laser Mechanisms’ President Mark Taggart. “Today, more and more integrators are turning to Laser Mech® for additive manufacturing solutions for their system designs,” added Taggart.

LME Combines with LAM in 2018

The 2018 Lasers for Manufacturing Event (LME), which took place March 28-29 in Schaumburg, Illinois, saw a return to the Schaumburg Convention Center and a collocation with the Laser Additive Manufacturing Conference (LAM) – both welcome additions according to show exhibitors.

The seventh edition of LME saw attendees come from as far away as China, Australia and Germany, and the addition of two evening tours on Wednesday night – one at Prima Power North America and one at the Trumpf Smart Factory.

The date of the next Lasers for Manufacturing Event was not announced during the show, so please refer to the Laser Institute of America’s website for any future announcements.

Introducing the 15 kW FiberCUT® HR

Laser Mechanisms’ NEW FiberCUT® HR processing head delivers cutting-edge performance for flatbed systems up to 15 kW. Featuring automatic, programmable focus with 25 mm of travel, FiberCUT® HR is a fully-sealed, purged design that minimizes downtime from any internal contamination.

Internally, FiberCUT® HR uses robust, direct-cooled reflective optics that minimize focus shift. In addition, sealed access doors prevent contamination when cover glasses are serviced.

Other highlights of FiberCUT® HR include internal sensors to determine the condition of all optics, internal process monitoring to detect pierce through and loss of cut, standard nozzle cooling and air blast, no exposed wires near the nozzle tip to snag or break, and Laser Mech®‘s patented height sense technology.

Introducing the Laser Mech® Scout

The Laser Mech® Scout is a vision-guided, remote welding beam delivery system that provides quick and easy part setups. Simple to program, the Laser Mech® Scout also interfaces to a variety of popular lasers.

With the Laser Mech® Scout synchronizing to various robots or PLC machine controllers is straightforward using common communication protocols. Available in three different sizes, the head delivers accuracies from ±10 to ±25 microns, working distances from 100mm to 520mm, field of views from 40mm x 40mm to 300mm x 300mm and lasers powers to 5 kW.

“If you need to laser weld or solder high-accuracy parts that are randomly spaced or located on conveyors, dial tables, or held by relatively imprecise fixtures in robot cells, then the Laser Mech® Scout is the answer you’ve been looking for,” said Laser Mechanisms’ President, Mark Taggart. “Perfect applications include batteries, battery packs, seat frames and brackets, various hermetically sealed parts like heat exchangers, battery housings, super capacitors, small mechanical assemblies or circuit components,” continued Taggart.

Analyzing Continuous Wave Beams

The PRIMES FocusMonitor is a mechanically scanning diagnostic system for analyzing continuous wave laser beams – even at high power. These laser beam sources are used in material processing for welding, cutting and surface processing.

Not only are the geometric dimensions of the focused laser beam determined, but also the focus position in space, the beam parameter product and the beam quality factor M2. Provided the limitations concerning measuring window size and maximum power density are maintained, CO2 laser systems with an optical power of up to 50 kW and solid-state lasers with an optical power of up to 30 kW can be measured.

Laser Mechanisms is the exclusive North American distributor of the PRIMES line of beam power and measuring devices.

Stir Welding With FiberScan™ HR

Laser Mechanisms’ new FiberScan™ HR is a scanning head for high-power laser sources including Fiber, Disk, CO2 and Diode lasers.

Available for collimated beams up to 48 mm diameter, FiberScan™ HR can deliver 20+ kW of laser power to any point within the system’s field of view. FiberScan™ HR employs direct water-cooled copper optics for all wavelengths throughout its optical path to provide reliable, ultra high-power capability with minimum thermal focus shift.

The rugged design is optimized for high power and long processing times required in applications such as continuous welding on roll forming systems, additive manufacturing of sizable structures and large area or volume cladding. In addition, high-speed operation up to 500 Hz in a smaller field enables wide gap seam welding and laser stir “wobble” welding of materials that are difficult to process.