FiberCut® 2Dx

Laser Mechanisms’ NEW FiberCUT® 2Dx processing head delivers the industry’s largest diameter optics and clear aperture – accepting high-power lasers with up to 0.18 numerical aperture (NA). Featuring Laser Mech’s new autofocus system, FiberCUT® 2Dx is 3-5 times faster than the original FiberCUT® 2D. Internal sensors monitor humidity, and both internal and assist gas pressure. Improved water cooling provides reliable, continuous cutting at 20 kW.

  • Internal sensors determine the condition of all optics
  • Fully sealed, end-user, service-friendly optics
  • Internal process monitoring detects pierce through and loss of cut
  • Standard fiber clamp
  • Standard nozzle cooling and optional air blast
  • No exposed wires to snag or break
  • Laser Mech®’s patented height sense technology