FiberCUT® RAc

Laser Mechanisms’ FiberCUT® Right Angle, Compact (RAc) laser processing head collimates and focuses a fiber-delivered laser beam and directs it along with cutting gas through its nozzle for optimal metal cutting. FiberCUT® RAc’s nozzle also senses the required tip standoff from the workpiece and automatically maintains that distance through its internal z-axis drive system. The head’s cover glass protects the cutting lens from process debris.

  • 3-dimensional cutting with fiber-coupled laser for 16 kg robots
  • Low moving mass minimizes inertia transfer to robot support arm
  • Right angle entry of all connections, including fiber, provides tight access to parts, easy cable routing and stress reduction on input fiber
  • Nearly 30 percent smaller and lighter than the original FiberCUT® RA

  • Internal, low-noise height sensing system is ­insensitive to cutting plasma or piercing debris
  • Z lens focus-to-tip adjustment
  • X-Y beam-to-tip centering adjustment
  • Works with all leading fiber-delivered laser ­systems up to 4 kW
  • Complete system consists of cutting head, fiber collimator and linear drive with position measuring
  • Cam-operated z-axis drive system with axial crash protection
  • All wiring and assist gas lines are internally plumbed – avoiding costly snags and breaks
  • Cartridge style drawer provides quick and easy access to the cover glass
  • Provides error signals in case of collision, over-
    temperature and exceeding the operating range
  • Sealed beam path
  • Engineered for the harsh factory floor environment
  • Available with integrated slug detection – potentially eliminating the need for post-cutting detection equipment
  • UltraSense™ model delivers accurate, capacitive height sensing for non-metal processing