FiberMINI® Weld

At only 55 mm square around its central core, FiberMINI® Weld is an ultra-compact, lightweight welding head for all fiber-delivered, solid-state laser systems to 4 kW.
FiberMINI® Weld has a simple, yet flexible design that allows Laser Mech® to optimize the processing head to the end user’s requirements. Optics are protected against contamination by an easily ­accessible cover glass. Offered with either straight or right angle fiber inputs, FiberMINI® Weld delivers both user-friendly operation and reliable ­performance at an attractive price.
Available in focal lengths to 400 mm, FiberMINI® Weld features 13 mm of manual focus adjustment, optional camera viewing and an effective air knife to help extend the life of the cover glass.

  • Available in focal lengths to 400 mm
  • 13 mm of lens movement to set focus
  • Effective air knife to help extend the life of the cover glass
  • Quick and easy access to the cover glass
  • Flexible design to optimize spot size
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Optional camera viewing
  • Models available for most popular fiber ­connections

Power Rating: up to 4 kW
Clear Aperture: 25 mm
Collimator Focal Lengths: 35 mm, 60 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm
Focusing Lenses: 100 mm to 400 mm
Fiber Connections: QD (LLK-D, LCA), QBH (HLC-8), Q5 (LLK-B) [Others available on request]
Weight: ~1.5 kg (Base configuration. Weight will vary based on options added)

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