FiberScan™ RW

With a laser power rating up to 6 kW, FiberScan™ RW uses rotating wedges to create beam spinning at focus for applications such as stir welding, and can also generate full shapes and feature formation up to 48 mm field size.

The laser system control communicates with FiberScan™ RW’s onboard controller via common protocols including discrete I/Os or different Fieldbus options. Nearly any 2D shape is possible and most common shapes are stored in the Shape Commander™ library. As with other Laser Mechanisms’ processing heads, FiberScan™ RW’s software continually monitors the condition of the optical elements in the head; detecting presence, temperature and scattered light.

FiberScan™ RW can be integrated with all available fiber connectors (QBH, QD, LCA, etc.) and to any robot or motion system.

Power Rating (Fiber Laser): up to 6 kW
Beam Diameter (Max. NA 0.12, Full Beam): 23 mm
Focusing Lens (Standard Focal Length): 300 mm
Optional Focal Lengths (Inquire): 250 mm to 500 mm
Focus Lens Diameter: 38.1 mm
Collimator Focal Length (Standard) : 75 mm
Working Envelope: ø48 mm @ 300 mm FL
Beam Motion (Circles or 2D Shapes): 5° Rotary Wedges
Max. Speed: 50 Hz Continuous
Remotely Monitored Functions: Optics Temp., Presence and Position
Air Knife/Cross Jet Rotation: Fixed or 360° Rotation
Copper Aperture (Varies With Pattern): 28 mm
Fiber Connections: QD (LLK-D, LCA), QBH (HLC-8)
Cooling (Room Temperature Water): 1.5 L/min.
Weight (Including Cable, Hoses and Mount Plate): ~7.0 kg
Shape Selection: Shape Commander™ Software
Options: Off-axis Aiming Laser, Camera

Forced-Air Cooled Enclosure (LxWxH): 500 mm x 400 mm x 220 mm
Interfacing: 32 Digital + 2 Analog I/Os, Optional Fieldbus: Ethernet/IP, Profinet, DeviceNet
Electrical Supply: 85-264 VAC, 1-Phase, 47-63 Hz