Engineered for harsh production welding applications with a fiber-coupled laser, FiberWELD® is a robust head with simplified plumbing of coolant and gases. FiberWELD®’s easily accessible, protective cover glass helps extend the life of internal optics. Per the end user’s processing requirements, FiberWELD® can be configured with straight or right-angle fiber input, camera viewing, wire feed, air knife, coaxial nozzle, weld monitoring and special focusing optics (twin spot and ­rectangular).

  • For all leading fiber-delivered laser systems up to 8 kW
  • Fiber collimator from 100 mm – 190 mm
  • Focusing lenses from 200 mm – 1000 mm
  • Available with either a straight-through laser beam path (FiberWELD® ST) or left or right-hand, 90° fiber connection (FiberWELD® RA)
  • Temperature monitored optics
  • Cover glass contamination monitoring/warning
  • Quick and easy access to the cover slide (no tools required)
  • Cross-flow air knife with 360° adjustment
  • All optics are housed in environmentally-sealed ­compartments to prevent contamination from process smoke and debris
  • Stainless steel cooling passages
  • Compatible with all weld-monitoring systems – including the latest technologies

Power Rating: up to 8 kW
Clear Aperture: 48 mm
Collimator Focal Lengths: 100 mm, 120 mm, 150 mm, 190 mm
Focusing Lenses: 200 mm to 1000 mm
Optional Custom Optics: Twin Spot, Rectagular
Fiber Connections: QD (LLK-D, LCA), QBH (HLC-8), LLK-B (Q5)
Weight: ~4 kg (Base configuration. Weight will vary based on options added)

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