Laser Mechanisms’ FineKerf™ processing head delivers fine kerf cutting for the precision manu­facturing of small parts. Engineered as a rugged, industrial-style unit for use in the ­medical processing field, FineKerf™ is capable of consistently delivering kerf widths as low as 8 microns in stainless steel. And the head delivers a true perpendicular laser beam for clean cuts without angle. Easily retrofitted to existing laser heads, the unit also conveniently mounts on a variety of lasers, including fiber lasers, by simply changing the X-Y mount plate.

  • Independent adjustment of laser beam and view port
  • Laser safety protection through view port
  • X-Y tip centering
  • X-Y adjust and lock feature on incoming beam
  • Precision three element lens set – corrected for vision use
  • External focal point to gas jet tip adjustment with a range of .350″
  • 10X, adjustable eyepiece with fine grain crosshair
  • View While Lasing feature
  • Nikon® optical system