The PRIMES HighPower-MicroSpotMonitor-Industry (HP-MSM-I) expands the family of camera-based beam diagnostics systems with a reference system for monitoring beams during production with an integrated self-testing function.

The HP-MSM-I measures and characterizes the focused beam of brilliant multi-kilowatt fiber lasers in process conditions, records the beam distribution from the fiber and monitors the emitted laser power.

Along with the beam power, the spatial focal position and the focal geometry in the form of diameter, divergence and Rayleigh length are also monitored, as well as the derived parameters such as beam parameter product and M2.


The combination of the proven PRIMES measurement techniques in a dust-proof housing suited to industrial use in combination with one of the fieldbus interfaces makes the HP-MSM-I an ideal tool for measurement in automated manufacturing.

The measurement optics and the beam attenuators from the HP-MSM and the familiar camera-based measurement principle are put to use here. Protected by the integrated protective glass changer, the gas flush for the beam entry and the mechanical closing device, a high reproducibility of the measurements is guaranteed. A second fiber from the laser, connected to the fiber adapter, enables the monitoring of the internal optics as well as those that contribute to focusing.

The recording of the laser power occurs according to the calorimetric principle and can be verified at any time by the integrated electrical reference. Following each measurement, all beam parameters measured are compared with the predefined thresholds of the process window and the evaluation is reported back to the system.

An adjustment of the parameters, such as laser power, for example, can therefore be carried out automatically. Data comparison over a longer period can also furnish an indication of maintenance work that may be needed on the laser or the optical components of the system. Documentation of the measurement results thus helps in planning work more effectively and reducing costs.

  • Beam distribution on the individual measurement planes
  • Focal dimensions
  • Focal position in space (against mechanical reference)
  • Power

The measurements are performed in accordance with ISO Standard 11146.


Various modes of operation are available for the HP-MSM-I, from manual measurement to fully automated control by the system.

Fully automated operation, which is mainly used in quality assurance, runs parallel to production. Measurement results provided with a time stamp are automatically filed for later evaluation.

In order to generate meaningful measurement data about the position of the focus in space as quickly as possible while production is running, “rapid caustics measurement” has proved valuable. This involves the repetition of a few measurement planes of a reference caustic measurement.

If the present results correlate with the reference, no further measurements are necessary. During service or maintenance, further measurement routines can also be called individually via the plant controller. More precise fault diagnosis can thus be carried out quickly and effectively.


Models and Options

  • Interchangeable fibre adapter (QBH, LLK-D, HLC-16)

Data Sheet