Developed specifically for microprocessing system, the PRIMES MicroSpotMonitor-Compact (MSM-C) expands the product family of camera-based focus analysis systems by a measuring system that is compact and modular.

Optimized For Microprocessing Plants
The MicroSpotMonitor-Compact (MSM-C) was optimized specifically for restricted installations spaces in microprocessing systems. The dimensions of the camera housing with electronics, attenuation and power absorber are around 230 x 120 x 60 millimeters (L x W x H). The compact device does not have its own movement axes.

The laser beam is enlarged by means of measurement optics, attenuated over two beam splitters and imaged via a deflecting mirror onto a CCD sensor. If necessary, an additional filter can be installed in front of the sensor. The beam geometry and power density distribution are measured by the CCD sensor. The measurement data is transmitted via Ethernet to a PC and evaluated with the PRIMES LaserDiagnoseSoftware. Optionally, the data can be determined internally by the device and transferred via a PROFIBUS interface to the plant controller.