Sensing Non-metals With UltraSense™

Capacitive height sensing for focus following is common in metal cutting systems, but has never been available for non-metal processing – until now.

Laser Mechanisms, utilizing their patented capacitive height sensing unit (HSU) and control interface, has developed UltraSense™, an all-new technology that accurately senses non-metals.

UltraSense™ employs state-of-the-art, height-sensing circuitry specifically configured to detect the surface position of non-metals such as composites, polymers, glass and many other materials for auto-focus laser cutting. Flat sheet cutting systems, as well as 5 or 6-axis machines and robots, can employ this technology. During setup, the HSU is calibrated for the specific polymer being used and only a few materials cannot be sensed with this technology.

UltraSense™ works with Laser Mech’s standard HSU interface systems which allow programmable tip-to-part stand-off distances, as well as their industry-leading auto-calibration feature. Within Laser Mech’s product line, FiberMINI® and FiberCUT® can be equipped with UltraSense™. In addition, retrofits are available for many of Laser Mech’s legacy products already in the field.