The PRIMES PowerMeasuringModule (PMM) is a robust laser power measurement system that determines optical power directly in the production zone. Thanks to the fieldbus interface, the PMM can be easily integrated into equipment controllers – various systems are available. Fully automated measurements can be carried out and documented due to the direct coupling to the machinery controller. This creates the basis for beam monitoring during processing – an essential component of quality assurance in manufacturing with lasers.

The PowerMeasuringModule measures the laser power calorimetrically. The absorber is irradiated by the laser for a defined period. With the heat capacity of the test body, the temperature increase and the exposure time, the optical power is calculated in a few seconds. The exposure time measurement increases the reliability of the results.

The measurement result is independent of the beam dimension and the beam position. The absorber cools via thermal conduction to the surrounding air. This restricts the measurement frequency of the system. The plant controller can query the absorber temperature at any time and determine the new irradiation period.

A mechanical closing device at the inlet opening and protective glass protect the measuring device from dirt.

The maximum power density on the absorber is 1.5 kW/cm2.

Fast measurement Sequence
When the PowerMeasuringModule is integrated into a industrial robot manufacturing set-up, the aim is to achieve the shortest possible clock cycle when measuring. In order to reduce the measuring duration, the standstill time of the robot can be reduced to just the irradiation period of the PowerMeasuringModule.

The measurement results are displayed by the user autonomously at the system controller level. Data transfer is adapted to the fieldbus system used.