The PRIMES PocketMonitor (PMT) is a portable, easy-to-use power meter which has been developed specifically for use in everyday production environments. Key features are its compact and robust design, and quick, straightforward use.

Thanks to the solid aluminum housing, the electronics are protected from knocks and damp. In its folded-up state, the absorber shields the operating controls from damage.

The microprocessor-based electronics measure the temperature of the absorber and calculate the power of the laser beam with a resolution of one watt. Thanks to the high resolution, measurements can be taken in a very wide power range with uniform accuracy.

The exact power or the temperature can be selected on the large 4½-place display . The built-in lithium cell provides the PocketMonitor with current for around 10,000 measurements.

The PocketMonitor measures laser power according to the ballistic principle. In this method, an absorber is irradiated with laser radiation for a defined period (10 s/20 s).

Based on the warming and the known weight of the absorber after a thermalization time, the irradiated power can be determined up to a resolution of 1 W (PMT 120icu) up to 0.01 W (PMT 002p).