Rotary Wedge Scanner

Laser Mechanisms’ Rotary Wedge Scanner head delivers fully programmable X-Y motion control for laser welding and drilling applications. A working envelope of more than 250 mm in diameter is possible – or choose a < 2 mm diameter envelope for ultra-fine trepanning inside the nozzle tip. The Rotary Wedge Scanner easily adapts to the shapes you need to produce.

The Rotary Wedge Scanner has the simplicity, flexibility and program control to allow easy integration to any laser process. Simpler and more easily programmed than a galvo-based system, the Rotary Wedge Scanner provides rugged beam steering for your laser process.

Placed above a welding lens, it can produce an array of spot welds and shaped seam welds. Carry the welding unit with a robot for remote-welding shapes. Install low angle wedges and place it above a drilling unit and the system can trepan precision round and shaped holes with less taper.

  • Easily adapts to either CO2, YAG, Disk, Direct Diode or Fiber Lasers of any wavelength
  • Remote welding
  • Shaped hole drilling
  • Marking components
  • G-Code (XYIJ) shape programming
  • Mates to a variety of processing heads
  • Simple setup screens on optional handheld terminal control
  • Analog and digital I/O (optional analog diameter control)
  • Sealed beam path keeps optics debris free
  • Engineered for the harsh factory floor environment