AccuShaper® Updates

Check back to this page often for the latest updates for your AccuShaper® product.


For controllers running SW0244, click here.

AccuShaper® Programmer Software For The PC –

FiberCUT® Monitor RS Software For The PC (64-bit) –
Previous Version (32-bit) –

AccuShaper® 2.0 X-Y Axis Controller Firmware Update –

AccuShaper® 2.0 Z Axis Controller Firmware Update –

Configuration Files

EtherNet/IP EDS File for PLCSA0046 (Z Axis Controller) –

EtherNet/IP EDS File for all other controllers –

PROFINET GSDML File for PLCSA0039 (Z Axis Controller) –

PROFINET GSDML File for PLCSA0111 (3 Axis Controller) –

PROFINET GSDML File for PLCSA0125 (Motorized Collimator) –