Forty Years and Still Counting

Founded in 1980 by William G. Fredrick, one of the leading pioneers in the field of industrial laser processing, Laser Mechanisms officially marked its 40th anniversary on July 17, 2020.

Having innovated many of the early laser applications, Laser Mechanisms’ founder envisioned his new company developing a building-block system of standard laser beam delivery components, including an articulated arm system, that could be custom configured into integrated material processing solutions. From those early days, Laser Mechanisms has developed into a global leader in the design and manufacture of beam delivery components and laser processing heads.

With headquarters in Novi, Michigan, and sales offices strategically located throughout the world, Laser Mechanisms is firmly positioned to support its global customer base well into the future.

FM+ Now for Green and Blue Lasers

PRIMES’ FocusMonitor FM+ is now qualified for standard-compliant measurement of focus geometries in the green and blue spectral range, making it a critical device for validating the laser processing of copper materials commonly used in e-mobility and battery production.

As new and more powerful lasers in the green and blue spectral range have become available for industrial use, PRIMES saw the need to offer with the FocusMonitor FM+ a reliable qualification tool for the laser applications associated with e-mobility manufacturing.

For the first time, laser users are now able to efficiently measure and monitor their laser-based machining processes, laser systems and production tasks from the far infrared to the blue spectral range.

Affordable 5-Axis Machine Alternative

Laser Mechanisms’ AccuShaper® 2.0 is a robot end effector that trepans shaped holes of any form at up to four times the speed and twice the accuracy of conventional robot/head combinations – greatly reducing the cycle time of laser hole cutting and trimming operations. The affordable AccuShaper® 2.0 provides a cutting solution similar to five axis machines at a fraction of the cost.

AccuShaper® 2.0 differs from conventional robot/head combinations in its ability to trepan while imparting minimal reactive forces to the robot producing higher accuracy features. Its patented Inertia-Cancelling motion system creates cut features up to 30 mm x 30 mm. Larger features and trim cuts can be trepanned using robot motion throughout its full envelope. The entire package weighs less than 17 kg allowing the use of lower payload, less expensive robots.

Macro Additive Manufacturing

Laser Mech’s new FiberWELD® DH is a high power, laser wire, direct deposition head for processing macro-scale industrial and aerospace components. The head delivers multi-axis laser energy to a center-fed process wire for total directional independence

Engineered for high duty cycle production applications, FiberWELD® DH features direct-cooled reflective optics, back-reflection protection and wire feed. In addition, FiberWELD® DH’s easily accessible, protective cover glasses extend the life of internal optics.

Primary applications for Laser Mechanisms’ NEW FiberWELD® DH include additive manufacturing, cladding and HLAW.

All-New SST™ Gas Jet Nozzles

Laser Mechanisms’ all-new Super Stand-off Technology (SST™) gas jet nozzles deliver double the stand-off tolerance and up to 15 percent increased cutting speed when 3D cutting hot-stamped boron steels and stainless steels in the range of 1-3 mm thickness.

State-of-the-art flow analysis software, combined with exhaustive robotic cutting tests in Laser Mech’s Applications Development Lab, were used to develop optimized gas jet designs that deliver a burr-free, clean cut with improved processing speed and without an increase in gas pressure.

For more information regarding the complete line of SST™ gas jet nozzles, please contact your Laser Mechanisms’ Sales Engineer today. You can reach them by phone at (248) 474-9480, by email at or by completing our convenient Request Form available at the link below.

Beam Analysis with the PRIMES FMW+

The NEW PRIMES FocusMonitor FMW+ measures focused laser beams with diameters between 100 μm and 3 mm in tight spaces – perfect for additive manufacturing applications. The FMW+ can measure NIR as well as CO2 beams up to 1,000 W laser power.

Specially designed for analyzing continuous irradiation, FocusMonitor FMW+ can reliably determine the geometric dimensions of the focused laser beam as well as the focal point location in space, the beam parameter product, and the beam quality factor M2. With a maximum size of 8 x 8 mm, FMW+’s measurement window can be gauged with a resolution of up to 1024 x 1024 pixels.

Complete information regarding the PRIMES FMW+ can be found on its product page at this link. Laser Mechanisms is the exclusive North American distributor of the PRIMES line of beam power and measuring devices.